Cable Glands

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• Brass Cable Gland                           • PG Cable Gland

• Double Compression Cable Gland  • Plastic Cable Gland

• Single Compression Cable Gland    • Polyamide Cable Gland

• Cable Accessories                           • Stainless Steel Cable Glands

• PVC Glands Cable                           • Glands Accessories

• Nylon Cable Gland                           • Flameproof Cable Gland

• Brass Cable Connector                    • Flange Type Cable Gland

• Aluminium Cable Glands                  • Cable Gland Kit

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Cable Glands Description

Available with us is quality approved range of Cable Glands, which is used for various glanding, jointing & fixing applications in hazardous as well as safe areas. The products we offer are extensively appreciated by the patrons for resistance against leakage, flame & explosion and avoiding all mishaps & preventing hazards to the health & property. Our Cable Glands are widely used in the electrical industry. We offer cable gland as per our customer requirement.

1. Single Compression Glands
2. Double Compression Glands
3. Weatherproof Glands
4. Flameproof Glands

1. PG Thread
2. Metric Thread
3. NPT Thread
4. ET Thread

1. Polyamide/Nylon-66
2. Plastic/PVC
3. Brass (Nickel Plated)
4. Aluminum
5. Stainless Steel

• Impact resistance and full insulation Chemical resistant
• Complete strain relief
• Self locking and vibration resistant fixing Strong construction
• Secure and fast connection
• High strength
• Easy to fit
• Durability
• Protection Class lP-68
• High oil resistance for maximum functional reliability
• Permanent vibration protection
• Optimum strain relief

• Sizes –
o PG 7- 48 (All Sizes Available)
o M 12- M 40 (All Sizes Available)
o Cables from 1.5 sq. mm. to 400 sq. mm.
• BS 6121 standard, JIS standards, IS 13947
• Packaging: Cartons

​• Used in areas where a lot of cables and wires need to be inserted into housing with minimum space requirements
• Machine and equipment manufacturing
• Photovoltaics
• Electrical Industry
• Automation technology
• Ship Deck
• Marine Application

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